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Chanel Bags Logo Home was once a domain name that was owned by an online seller of replica Chanel bags. Pursuant to a Judgment and Injunction of the U.S. District Court of the Southern District of Florida, the former owners and operators of were held liable for to offering for sale various types of replica Chanel products, and being involved with other related illegal conduct.

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Replica Chanel Bags, Wallets and Clutches

From original creative designs CHANEL_White_Leather_Handbag and new innovations to reinventing the classics while holding the traditions near, CHANEL eloquently places uttermost effort in every endeavor. Each beautiful and captivating CHANEL masterpiece is constructed by masterful craftsmen and impeccably tended to until it reaches the hands of the wearer.

There is no way that a replica Chanel handbag, wallet or clutch can come the least bit close to the original, which has absolutely no relationship with CHANEL. When you know for sure that you have a real CHANEL bag, you know it and feel it. Anything short of that is not CHANEL.

Top Quality

Although promised to sell top quality, provide best service and incomparable prices for Chanel accessories, what the online store actually offered for sale were Chanel replicas. The replica quality was far from high level of quality of genuine CHANEL.

The quality of the replicas was not at all close to being considered “top.” These replica Chanel accessories for sale, retail and wholesale, by were counterfeit goods of unlawful origin and could never have matched the quality of a genuine CHANEL accessory. The products being sold were not genuine and therefore not created, produced, manufactured, sold, serviced nor supported in any way by CHANEL. When the fakes were inspected, differences in the materials and quality were immediately and absolutely distinguishable from genuine CHANEL.

Best Service

The service level of was CHANEL White Leather Clutch Bag not the “best,” simply due to the covert nature of the product descriptions and the actual products themselves. tried to give the impression to the buyer that the accessories were of genuine quality, but were actually illegal counterfeit goods. These counterfeit goods were of poor quality and workmanship. The items were described by the online store as “cheap and discounted,” possibly leaving the buyer with the feeling that they were getting genuine quality and workmanship at a lower retail and wholesale price. On the contrary, the products were low quality illegally produced goods.

Incomparable Prices

The website claimed to have incomparable prices, however the prices the customers would have paid were not for genuine CHANEL accessories. Instead, the customers were buying substandard accessories of inferior quality. In order to attempt to further lure customers, touted that their fake accessories were “cheap or discounted,” when the counterfeits were neither. The prices were not at all “cheap or discounted” prices, as described by the online store, but were in reality high prices for counterfeit products which were not remotely close to the genuine.


CHANEL_Leather_Purse10 claimed to be the most reliable and responsible of online stores, providing the secure purchase of knockoff Chanel handbags using a perfect system for protecting personal information. On the contrary, the buyer should be aware that giving a store selling counterfeits your address, phone number, financial information and other personal information may be risky. Many individuals associated with counterfeiting are involved with a host of other criminal activities. Illegal business operations such as counterfeit trafficking often use the funds received from counterfeits sales to engage in further crime. Many sellers of replicas may not even ship the products after payment is made. Placing trust in such counterfeit sellers may lead to unimaginable personal security consequences.

Genuine CHANEL

The only way that consumers can ensure that they are getting genuine CHANEL merchandise is to get them directly from CHANEL or an authorized CHANEL retailer only.

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